• A helpful rough calendar for planning and managing events

    Dealernews recently spoke with House of Harley-Davidson’s marketing manager Sarah Maio on how the store plans and executes its events (hint: it’s a team effort). You can read the story by clicking on this link.

    Maio also offered up a rough calendar schedule for planning events, which House of Harley-Davidson marketing and events staff uses. You can tailor and use it for your own store. Now that riding season is coming to an end for most parts of the country, it’s a good time to get your event-planning on. Read below for the schedule.

    • Annually: Schedule and have an offsite meeting for the managerial team to discuss and brainstorm ideas for events for the next calendar year.
    • Monthly: Have meetings once a month with the managerial team to review events coming up in six to eight weeks.
    • 16 weeks before the event: Determine art for direct mail, e-blasts, fliers, etc., and write radio copy if you're using radio ads. Finalize details for any associated registration forms or waivers. For charity rides or events, distribute collateral to committee for promotion. Confirm and do paperwork for necessary permits.
    • 12 weeks before the event: For charity rides, determine the route. For in-store events, secure vendors and sponsors for any remaining space. Arrange for any necessary staff including bartenders, bar backs, or volunteer assistance.    
    • 8 weeks before the event: Send art to printer for direct mail, have radio flights secured. Have managerial input integrated.   
    • 4 weeks before the event: Send press releases, record radio spots.
    • 2 weeks before the event: Confirm details with related departments, double check that all staff is updated on event details.
    • Week of event: Finalize route if your event is a ride, confirm additional staff and volunteers if needed. 
    • Day before the event: Load in tents, beverages, vendors, stages, sound, and set up tents.
    • Day of event: Arrive with lots of coffee in hand! Distribute walkie talkies to staff, load in additional vendors, chill beverages, and put out any fires along the way. Make sure to capture event for social media with a camera, or by tweeting or updating Facebook. Let the good times roll!
    • Week after the event: Continue social media conversations about the event, post pictures, produce summary video and blog posts.  Follow up with thank yous to vendors.  Review event financials at next monthly events meeting, and get ready for next year.

    Do you have any tips on how to plan events? Share with us by replying to this message thread.

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